Lisbon Declaration on Humanities, Open Research and Innovation

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Pozwalamy sobie poinformować o apelu Pani Sekretarz Generalnej FIEC Sabine Huebner. Jego treść znajduje się poniżej natomiast pełna deklaracja tutaj: Lisbon Declaration_EHC_2021


Dear colleagues,


I am sending you an important document, the Lisbon Declaration on Humanities, Open Research and Innovation which is the main result of the recent European Humanities Conference, organised by CIPSH (Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines), UNESCO, and the Portuguese Government’s Foundation for Science and Technology, in Lisbon from 5 to 7 May 2021.


The FIEC is a member of the CIPSH and our FIEC Vicepresident, Prof. Jesús de la Villa, participated in the conference as part of the Scientific Committee and as speaker on behalf of Classical Studies.


The Lisbon Declaration is open for signature by institutions, associations, universities, departments and individuals. The document is sent attached. The FIEC board considers this document an important contribution to the defense of the Humanities and has decided to sign it. The FIEC board warmly invites all the affiliated associations of the FIEC to sign it individually as well. The communication of adhesion can be done directly to the President of the CIPSH, Prof. Luiz Oosterbeek (


Best wishes

Sabine Huebner

FIEC Secretary General


– – – – –

Prof. Dr. Sabine R. Huebner | Chair of Ancient History | Director of the Doctoral Programme in Ancient Civilizations | Vice-head of the Department of  Ancient Civilizations | Secretary General of the Federation of Association of Classical Studies (FIEC) |

University of Basel | Department of  Ancient Civilizations |
Petersgraben 51 | 4051 Basel | Switzerland


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